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Apollo-Ridge Virtual Academy (A-RVA) Information

Apollo-Ridge School District

Apollo-Ridge Virtual Academy (A-RVA)

Guidelines and Responsibilities


General Guidelines


  1. The school district shall be responsible for the cost of courses taken during the “regular” academic school year for the purposes of resolving scheduling conflicts and meeting the “scheduled” and “sequential” academic needs of students in relation to the Apollo-Ridge School District course of study. The student will be responsible for payment for courses in any other situation (i.e. summer school, curricular acceleration, credit recovery, etc.).


  1. The same academic standards and expectations apply to both online and traditional courses.


  1. Parents can view their child’s progress online through the child’s account (Username and Password).


  1. The A-RVA director will ensure that all students and staff receive adequate preparation and training demonstrations for Microsoft Teams and all applicable components/programs.


  1. The student/parent will subscribe to high-speed internet in order to complete the necessary coursework.


  1. The student/parent will be offered a school issued laptop and will sign the Student Laptop Handbook.


  1. The student must make significant progress daily.  After 30 days, a meeting may occur to determine if the student can continue in the A-RVA program successfully or if other adaptations and accommodations may need to be added to the student’s individual program.


Attendance Guidelines


Regular attendance is an important piece of academic success.  As such, students must demonstrate regular attendance in the online learning environment.  Daily attendance is monitored by the classroom teachers and attendance is taken daily.  Students who do not log in daily and complete appropriate assignments are subject to the attendance guidelines set forth by the district.  In order to be considered present, students must login to ALL courses daily.  Listed below is the attendance policy for the Apollo-Ridge School District. 


When a pupil accumulates three (3) days of unlawful absence, the District will serve notice to the parent /guardian(s) in accordance with the Compulsory Attendance Laws.  After this notice is served, the next unlawful absence becomes a second offense, and truancy charges will be filed through the local magistrate.


When a pupil accumulates seven (7) days of non-medically verified absences, a letter of notification will be sent to the parent/guardian(s).  When excessive absences total ten (10) or more, a second letter will be sent out.


NOTE:  Students whose online coursework shows a need of greater attention may be required to make more significant efforts toward the course(s) in question.  These efforts may include, but are not limited to:  mandatory tutoring, attending and working on coursework at the physical school building your child attends, and home visitations by the Apollo-Ridge School District staff. 


Students with IEP’S


Students with IEPs enrolled in A-RVA must adhere to the following guidelines listed below:


      • Students with IEPs who withdraw from the traditional Apollo-Ridge classroom and enter A-RVA will participate in an IEP meeting to update services in their IEPs.  A new NOREP will be issued.
      • So that students can receive the appropriate services as listed in their IEPs, parent/guardian(s) must give the District permission to share IEPs with the students’ cyber teachers who may be from other school districts.
      • The IEP team will decide how progress will be monitored for students who have IEPs.  


When students with IEPs have grades that fall below a D average at the end of each grading period or students who receive an official District letter due attendance issues, the IEP team will reconvene to determine how to best meet the needs of the student.  Face-to-face meetings may be required throughout the remainder of grading period. The IEP team will determine the frequency of the meetings. This decision will be determined by the IEP team.


Student Responsibilities


  1. The student/parent will complete the necessary A-RVA enrollment documents.


  1. All requirements and responsibilities set forth for students through Apollo-Ridge School District Policy and Building Level Policies and Practices apply to A-RVA students and courses. However, due to the unique nature of these programs, students will also assume the responsibilities outlined in this document.


  1. The student must complete the course no later than the last day of instruction for the semester or end of year for a yearlong course, unless approved by the building principal or A-RVA advisor.


  1. In some situations or circumstances, the student may be required to report to the school to meet with the teacher or designated personnel to review assignments, complete assignments, or report upon progress, etc.  Also, the teacher may designate a specific time for students to participate in synchronous online activities.


  1. The student will work on the coursework daily.  All A-RVA students will be held to the same attendance/truancy guidelines set forth in school board policy and this document.


  1. Each A-RVA student will be required to report to the school building on designated days for mandated state testing periods.


  1. Each A-RVA student will be required to report to school building for state mandated hearing, vision, and dental screenings or submit documentation from physician.



Apollo-Ridge Virtual Academy (A-RVA) Student/Parent Contract


I have read over the information listed within this contract and agree to fully participate in this program.  I understand that learning online takes hard work and dedication.  Knowing this, I plan on creating an academic work schedule that will allow me to complete my lessons and work on time in order to fulfill my requirements listed within each course.     



Student’s Name: ____________________            Student Signature: ___________________          Date: __________



Parent’s Name: _____________________            Parent Signature: ____________________        Date: __________



Advisor’s Name: ____________________            Advisor Signature: ___________________          Date: __________







Revised July 2020