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Covid19 FAQ

COVID19 Frequently Asked Questions (Updated 05/13/2020):


Q:  How is continuity of instruction provided? 

A:  Students are receiving assignments, videos, and notes through Microsoft Teams.  The students have used Teams throughout their high school career and are familiar with its function.  If a student does not have access to the internet they are provided with hard copies of the materials.   


Q:  How do students receive these assignments? 

A:  Students have received assignments through Microsoft Teams or through a mailed hard copy. 


Q:  How are assignments submitted? 

A:  Students can submit assignments through Microsoft Teams, and the hard copies can be dropped off in a filing cabinet in front of the school.   


Q:  How is the work graded? 

A:  All assignments will be graded on a pass/fail system.   


Q:  How do I contact my teacher? 

A:  You can contact the teachers, by email, Teams chat, or by calling the school.  Please allow the teacher a reasonable amount of time to reply.   


Q:  What if I am having trouble with an assignment? 

A:  Contact your teacher by one of the methods mentioned above. 


Q:  I am stressed, what should I do?  

A:  As the assignments are all due at the end of each two-week period.  Take a break and come back to the work when you have de-stressed.  Plan out your timeline.  You do not need to spend time every day on all classes.  Try completing a set of assignments for one class in a day instead of spreading it out.   


Q:  Is the Yearbook still being created and how do I receive my copy? 

A:  The yearbook is still being created by our Yearbook teacher and the students in the course.  The scheduled delivery and distribution is still scheduled for this summer.


Q:  I am a Senior; will I have an exit interview? 

A:  The seniors will perform exit interviews with the use of Zoom.  They have been assigned judges and should contact these judges in order to set up a day and time to complete the interview. This will also be graded on a Pass/Fail basis. 


Q:  I am a Senior and want to know how we will Graduate? 

A:  We will hold a commencement ceremony on Friday, June 5, 2020, at 6:00 PM in the High School parking lot.  Each graduate will have one car and will remain in the car for much of the ceremony.  You will have the opportunity to walk across the stage in your caps and gowns. 


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